Custom Orders

You’re the boss, you call the car/cars, track, closeups, extra details, etc!  Or you can give a basic idea and let my imagination run havoc!

*Options for artwork include black and white sketches, colour pencil, pastels, watercolour paint or combinations of those mediums!
* There is also an option to pay extra to make your request an exclusive 1 of 1.  Your piece will be used as a showcase model but will not be made available for reprints to anyone else.


8×10 Original –  $20 ($30 for exclusive 1 of 1 piece)

11×14 Original – $40 ($50 for exclusive 1 of 1 piece)

16×20  Original – $80 ($100 for exclusive 1 of 1 piece)

18×24 Original – $100 ($120 for exclusive 1 of 1 piece)

Custom Sizes – Maybe you already have a frame that fits the perfect spot on your wall, and it isn’t listed here.  Provide that information when placing your order and I can accommodate the canvas to fit your request.

Shipping – For Canada & U.S. the range is 10$ – 30$, shipped via FedEx in 3-4 business days once completed.  International (UK, Europe) the range is 15$-50$ via standard mail (4-6 weeks delivery time) however for an extra fee ($25) we can guarantee in 5 business days.

*All prices are in Canadian Dollars